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Centennial History Book:

Land Surveying in Saskatchewan

  • The official launch of this special book commemorating the first 100 years of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association took place at the Lieutenant Governor's Reception at Government House in Regina, SK on Thursday, March 25, 2010

  • The price of the book is $21 (including GST) plus shipping and handling.

  • To place your order, contact the SLSA office at

  • Here is a sneak preview of Chapter 1

The quarterly newsletter of the SLSA - SLSA Corner Post

Current Members of Council:
  • President: L. A. (Lee) Andersen

  • Vice-President: A. (Akbar) Karsan

  • Past-President: R. G. (Robert) King

  • Public Member: Terry Alm

  • Councillors:
    - J. M. (Jared) Adams (year 2)
    - R. L. (Ryan) Baete (year 2)
    - S. (Suresh) Rajakumar (year 1)
    - C. S. (Carlo) Monette (year 1)

Recipients of SLSA Awards:



  • 3 Saskatchewan Advantage Opportunity and Innovation (SAOI) Fund Scholarships through Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institute.

    Scholarship Award ($2500 each) - for best academic record (Two scholarships for Year 1 and one scholarship for Year 2 {see Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institute - SLSA award for details})


Other Scholarship Opportunities:
  • The Canadian Right of Way Educational Foundation is now accepting 2015/2016 Scholarship Applications to be awarded to a high school student who will be entering a full time course of study in any of the various fields impacting the right of way profession. Areas of study include (but not limited to) law, surveying, engineering, planning, real property appraisal, public administration or environmental studies.

    - The Official Scholarship Application can be found on the IRWA website ( as well as on the Canadian Right of Way Education Foundation website ( Or, see Canadian Right of Way Educational Foundation High School Scholarship Official Application for application.

    - The scholarship will be awarded at the annual International Right of Way Education Conference in the amount of $2,500.00 (Canadian Dollars). The scholarship amount may be awarded to one applicant or split among more than one applicant. This scholarship is open to every high school graduating student in any of our member countries. Students applying are NOT required to be a relative of an IRWA Member. Deadline for scholarship application submission is February 2, 2016. Scholarship applications, together with supporting materials, should be sent via email to Shannon Favaro at by February 2, 2016 to be eligible for this award.