Corner Post
Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

2014 Fall, Volume XXXVIII, Number 4

A Little Hard Work Pays Off

 Submitted by P. M. Maloney


Students Creating a Virtual Mosaic Place

by Mickey Djuric

Previously Published in the ‘Moose Jaw Times Herald’


The Curta Mechanical Pocket Calculator

By Carlton A. Brown

Previously Published in ‘The American Surveyor’ – September, 2014


NSW Surveyors Owed $2.25m in Copyright payments

 by Simon Chester

Previously Published Latest News, Surveying


We need to educate, inspire and motivate young people

by Alison Watson

Previously Published in ‘CN Construction News’


Remonumentation Men — Survey Sleuths

By Michael Jones

Previously Published in the ‘Herald Times’


Court of Appeal for British Columbia-Morrison v. Van Den Tillaart





Letter from the Editor

Gene Seis


President’s Message

Ryan Maloney


Council Highlights

Carla Stadnick


Councilor Corner

Scott Colvin