Corner Post
Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

A Little Hard Work Pays Off


In performing a Road  survey, SLSIT, Trent Wahl, needed to find or re-establish the NE 26-10-14-2 An initial search revealed no trace of a monument but the corner was obstructed by a rock pile. Railway plan CR1195 intersected the N limit of the NW Sec 26 in 1920 and ranged to the NE 26. It didn’t show any measurement but did have the following notation. “F.M. I.P. Tin Plate x3 pits (good)(under stone pile)” .  Based on that, Trent began the task of removing the rocks at the corner. After much hard work he located the original hollow iron post and the rusted remnants of the tin plate. The Twp plan shows the corner placed by S.L. Brabazon in 1882. A review of Bulletin 38 confirmed that Section corners on Prairie in 1882 were in fact marked with Iron Posts and tin plates.


The afternoon of hard work paid off with the “Holy Grail” of surveying, an original Twp Monument in its undisturbed position. Sometimes you just need to get your hands dirty!