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Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

Council Highlights

Carla Stadnick

Executive Director

Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association


2015-16 Meeting #2, Sept 8, 2015


SLSA Committee Updates


Each year, at the first Council meeting in the fall, Council requests the Committee Chairman to participate in the Council meeting and provide updates. These are the Committee Updates:


Education Committee – Brian Burridge

  • Working on Fall Education Seminar
  • Continuing Education Tracking is due this year


Government Relations Committee – Ryan Maloney

  • Ryan transitioned to Chair this spring and there are a list of issues:
    • Provincial Discussion on Business Licenses: The Act is not as clear as other Provincial Associations for not paying municipal business licenses. There will be some work to do (i.e. letters to SARM and SUMA).
    • Crown Utilities: Surveyors would like access to Crown infrastructure. Some of the crowns are willing but there are also some legal issues to consider. There is a possibility to put together a business plan.
    • Gas Line Strike: This was an event that occurred and occurred because of a mapping issue. This is currently with the Crown.
    • Riparian Rights: There is a court case in Saskatchewan which dealt with accredited lands without accepting accretion. 
    • Community Planning: Currently dealing with an issue of H2S levels in proximity to well sites and residential property.  
    • IRIS Changes: the biggest impact to SLS members will be well site name changes
    • Meet the MLA Night: SLSA is currently on a wait list.
    • Keeping an eye on changing legislation


Practice Committee – Barry Clark

  • Council has requested the Practice Committee to work on a few items:
    • Real Property Report Requirements – review requirements and update bylaws if required. The Committee is currently working on the wording to include decks and/or alike structures
    • Guidance Coordinate Systems: Review and update information for standards
    • Outdated Well Site Plans: add information into SLSA bylaws
  • Review of ISC Policies
  • Barry Clark is stepping down as Chair and Gerald Johnson has assumed the role of Committee Chair


SAGT Certification Board Advisory – Darren Patkau

  • SAGT has received quite a few new applications that will be reviewed
  • SAGT had a Barbque and Council meeting on Sept 12, 2015.


CBEPS Committee – Murray Radoux

  • The Board of Directors met at the end of August
  • The Canada Evaluation and Accreditation Committees are very busy
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic will be submitting an exemption application that will be reviewed
  • NAIT application is coming due this year
  • C12 Course is being reviewed for changes.
  • C11 Course will require a new examiner


Biography Committee – Heather Maloney

  • Preliminary discussions have occurred.
  • The Committee will be working on updating biographies as well as obituaries
  • The idea of including Honorary and Public members on the SLSA website was brought up and further discussion is required.


General Discussion Topics


Bylaw Updates

  • Council approved the creation of Bylaws Committee as a Special Committee. 
  • The Bylaws Committee will be responsible for reviewing and introducing any bylaw changes


CCOGS Generally Accepted Land Principles document

  • This document will be added to the SLSA website under ‘Links and Public Resources’ (previously named ‘Links’


Unreadable Plans from ISC

  • An example was submitted where a plan, received by a SLS member from ISC, was unreadable. ISC did not have a better copy available. Council requested the Government Relations Committee to work with ISC to determine a solution. 


Saskatchewan Polytechnic CBEPS Exemption Application

  • The CBEPS application is complete and are hopeful for 4 accreditations with the possibility for more in the future . Saskatchewan Polytechnic is looking for a letter of support from SLSA which Council will provide.
  • A new Professor was hired for the Geomatics program in Moose Jaw.
  • The Geomatics course has a full enrollment this year.


RPRs vs. Title Insurance

  • A member had witnessed a discussion between a Realtor and a client where the client ended up getting Title Insurance over a RPR. This takes place more often than not. The purpose of the RPR is for the sale of a property and for the bank to use. Buyers and Realtors don’t necessarily know the benefits of the RPR. Council will request the Public Relations Committee develop a pamphlet/seminar directed toward the public outlining the benefits of a RPR.


Department of Highway Contracts

  • A member raised an issue with the contracts that the Department of Highways uses. Before any action or review occurs, Council requests feedback from the members for any and all issues pertaining to highways. Council will review the feedback before determining a course of action.


Benchmark Datum Verification

    • Restrictions are placed on title for building to a certain elevation. There is no way to ensure that the elevations can be matched.
    • Contours of elevation; benchmark should be listed on the plan, plan of proposed subdivision, topographic survey, etc. A bit more discussion Council will request the Practice Committee to review.