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Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

President’s Message

Chris C. D. Kuntz

SLS, P. Surv., ALS



President’s Message to the Membership


I hope everyone had a great summer and first half of fall.  Up here in the northwest part of the province we had one of the best summers in recent memory.  Warm summer days with an unusual lack wind.  Unfortunately the weather has been one of the few highlights of the year, the Roughriders and the price of oil have both been in the toilet this year, and things aren’t improving.  With the slowdown in the economy there has been an increase in the number of reporting’s of unauthorized practise or advertising of services which only a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor can perform.  So far we have made phone calls or sent letters asking the offending party to cease, to date this has been enough.


A question can be asked, what can we do as members to stop the unlicensed practise of land surveying?  From my brief time traveling as president, I have talked to a number of presidents from other provinces.  The general consensus is to try and educate the public and different levels of government as to why they need a professional land surveyor to establish or re-establish boundaries, not simply telling them it’s the law.  Our government relations committee has been busy making inroads with our government.  The public relations committee has been working on an updated information pamphlet that can be used for the public as well as rural and urban municipalities.  As individual’s, it’s all our responsibility to promote the profession of professional land surveying, please remember that the next time you meet a RM councillor or a city employee or a landowner that stops by to chat, let them know what we do.


The fall has been very busy with travel to Manitoba, Nova Scotia and PEI.  Some of the highlights of these meeting have been:


135th Annual Manitoba AGM

The meeting was held at the Hecla Island Resort about two hours north of Winnipeg on Lake Winnipeg.  Some highlights of the meeting were:

– The association is putting the final touches on a new set of bylaws. Once the bylaws are complete their new Land Surveyors Act can officially be passed

– The was some concern with a lack of new articling students, they have a Student Assistance Committee that helps articling student through-out the process

– Concern with the C3 Advanced Surveying examination through CBEPS, discussion to separate some parts out and make it an elective, they are looking for support from the other provincial associations that are a part of CBEPS


65th Annual Nova Scotia AGM

The meeting was held at the Oak Island Resort, about an hour’s drive south of Halifax on the east coast of the province.  I can honestly report I did not find Black Beard’s hidden treasure on Oak Island.  Some of the highlights of the meeting and presidents forum were:

– Annual dues were raised from $1200 to $1500, passed with minimal resistance

– A province wide GPS Control System has been set-up by the government

– Privatization of Land Titles, there has been discussion by the government that they may look at selling

– The majority of the meeting was spent discussing the creation of Standards of Practise document. This had been an ongoing project for the last few years.  The document was passed after a few amendments, it comes into effect January 1, 2016


47th Annual PEI AGM – Charlottetown

The meeting was held at the Confederation Centre of the Arts in downtown Charlottetown.  Some of the highlights of the meeting were:

– The Association is working on survey plan standards

– Land Surveys Act is being updated, currently in the government’s hands

– They’re early in the process of creating an education and competence based program


Throughout my early presidency and travels, the one thing I have come to realized is how fortunate we are to survey in Saskatchewan where we have a single registry under the Torrens system.  It definitely eliminates a number of problems and concerns that arise in other provinces.  I hope everyone has a great fall, see you at the education seminar in December.