Corner Post
Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

Letter from the Editor

Gene E. H. Seis

SLS, P. Surv.

SLSA CornerPost Editor


Thanks to Pat Maloney for the cover photo and story on Sable Island. We have also included a link to a background article on Sable Island National Park Reserve. We still need photos for the cover page so if you have any send them to Carla or me along with a brief note about them.


We have not had any takers for the construction of a ballot box.Council was hoping to get something made by one of the members.  Perhaps somebody has an old survey instrument case or something similar that they could turn into a ballot box. Anyone with any ideas and creative ability please let Carla know that you will be supplying a ballot box for the next AGM.


I notice that there are a lot of active members that do not have a biography on the permanent register. If you are one of them please make an effort to prepare one and send it to Carla along with a picture of yourself. It may also help Carla if you let her know who you articled to as there is a link back to your “master”. This is and will continue to be a great historical record of the membership so again please make an effort to keep it current.


We have included another court case related to accretion from Alberta, the ISC condominium information, an article about Peter Pond and information regarding Professional Liability Insurance.


Submissions to the news letter by any member are welcome, please send them in. 


Gene Seis