Corner Post
Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

2016 Fall, Vol. XLV, Number 3

Southern Saskatchewan


Issues with Extending a UTM Zone

By Ryan Brazeal


Land Surveying with Drones – An Expert Discussion (Part 1)

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PEI’s 1st Registered Surveyor Recognized for Achievements

By Lindsay Carroll

Previously Published in CBC News/Prince Edward Island


Ontario Land Surveyors lose class action copyright lawsuit

By Drew Hasselback

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Court Dismisses Class Action Against Teranet

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Keatley v. Teranet – Summary Judgement

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Condominium Fact Sheet: Dispute Resolution

Government of Saskatchewan, Office of Public Registry Administration


Condominium Fact Sheet: Insurance

Government of Saskatchewan, Office of Public Registry Administration


‘Farewell Frontier’ by Garrett Wilson

A book review by Wayne Stockton


Anthea Loran lanuches latest book during “Culture Days” activities

By Candace Woodside 

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Notice from Association of Canada Lands Surveyors




Letter from the Editor

Gene Seis


President’s Message

Robert King


Council Highlights

Carla Stadnick


Councillor Corner

Jared Adams


Councillor Corner #2

Dan Codling