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Council Highlights

Carla Stadnick

Executive Director

Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association


2015-16 Meeting #9, May19, 2016


New SLS Comissions

The following Candidates applied for and were granted commission as a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor:

  • S.T. Stephen Conway – Commission # 344 and P. Surv. #128
  • K.D. Kristof Dumais – Commission #345 and P. Surv #129
  • D.F. Dustin Dykstra – Commission #346 and P. Surv #129


GeoSask Website Closing

Members of the Government Relations Committee met with ISC and discussed the process of the GeoSask website closing. The main topics of discussion were the lack of communication to SLSA and the usage of plan data that needed will be charged. ISC is unable to provide access to Surveyors without charging a fee. There were 11 government agencies involved in GeoSask. Land Surveyors should contact their MLAs and discuss their concerns with providing data to GeoSask and then being charged to access the data.


Foreign Trained Professionals


There is a push from CBEPS to come up with a procedure to get foreign trained professionals into the articling process. There is a federal grant (up to $5,000,000 to set up this process). ACLS has taken over this iniative as CBEPS does not have any staff and so could not apply for the grant. If ACLS receives all the government funding, they will not be asking provinces for money. If ACLS does not get all the government funding, they could then be asking for money. SLSA uses CBEPS for all foreign trained professionals and had sent a letter of support


Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC) and Professional Surveyor Designation

PSC felt that there should be a Professional Surveyor trademark for all surveyors. The idea from PSC is great and will represent Land Surveyors across Canada but Saskatchewan has a very defined designation for a P. Surv and this could cause some issues/conflicts with PSC’s trademark. Communication from PSC regarding the trademark has been very vague so far. The P. Surv term can exist outside of Saskatchewan but PSC wants the term to be unified across Canada. Questions that arose from Council: Who will use the trademark of P. Surv? Council is to review and bring a list of concerns to the next Council Meeting.



Saskatchewan Polytechnic Award Change

There will no longer be any government funding/matching for the scholarships that we give money to at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. SLSA will continue to provide funding of $1250 per scholarship (total of $3750).


UAV Company offering Land Survey Services

A company that did not have a surveyor on staff was advertising land survey services. SLSA will send a letter describing the infractions and follow up to ensure that the company complies.


Notices of Motion for the SLSA AGM

PSC Special Levy: Council approved the motion of maintaining the PSC Special Levy payment and the motion will go to the Members at the SLSA AGM for a vote.


Association Surcharge for Standard Iron Posts: Each year this amount has to be set. Council approved the motion to leave the levy at $0.50/standard iron post and the motion will go to the members at the SLSA AGM for a vote.


CBEPS Representative

The SLSA representative for CBEPS needs to be approved every two years. Murray Radoux has let his name stand again and Council approved him as the CBEPS representative.


2015-16 Meeting #10, June 7, 2016

President Travel Update

President, Chris Kuntz, did not have any travel plans since the last Council Meeting but Robert King traveled to the Newfoundland AGM. Topics of discussion:

      • The average age of the association is 57+ and 65% of the members are on the verge of retirement.
      • They do pre-voting via ballot which is done 3 days prior to the AGM.
      • They do not have a Treasurer or Vice President and votes from the floor are not allowed (due to bylaws). They passed an amendment to the bylaws to allow nominations from the floor. 
      • The Land Gazette (which is the registry of crown lands): In 2009, they changed the wording and surveyors were no longer submitting plans so the registry is not up to date. They are trying to change the wording back so that surveyors must deposit surveys.
      • They passed a change the bylaws so that members with shares can`t vote (similar to Ontario)
      • There was no discussion on PSC.
      • They had a record turnout of members at the AGM


New SLS Comissions

The following Candidate applied for and was granted commission as a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor:

A. Amber Petrushka – Commission #343 and P. Surv #127


The following Labour Mobility Candidates applied for and were granted commission as a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor:

Jennifer Rosenkranz – Commission #342 and P. Surv. #126

K.W. Kurtis Popadynetz – Commission #347 and P. Surv #131


Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC) and Professional Surveyor Designation

Concerns from Council regarding PSC trademarking the term Professional Surveyor: 

    • There were no consultations with SLSA

The P. Surv designation could be misinterpreted in Saskatchewan.


Could PSC pursue a trademark of PSC rather than P. Surv. PSC needs to provide more rational to SLSA on why they chose the term P. Surv to trademark. Discussions will occur with PSC in the following days that will hopefully provide more information.


Controller of Surveyor’s Letter re: Copyright

  • It seemed strange that the letter from the Controller went to the Association as it was directed to the Controller of Surveys from a member and did not come from the Association. Plans are rejected for 8 months and then the letter comes out. The letter should have gone to the member and should not have been directed to the entire membership.
  • In the future, Executive Committee should meet with Controller of Surveys once or twice a year. Meetings with ISC should also occur. The Association and ISC are partners. We are vital to each other’s work. ISC was receptive to having meetings. Rejection rates were high but many due to copyright.

Letter to Municipalities

There was a case today where a member requested a letter to give to an urban municipality that was determining property boundaries for residents. SLSA should provide some information to SARM in their newsletter or make some presentations at their conventions. 


There is some concern from SLSA (and other provinces) that this change will affect the Labour Mobility Agreement. There will be an upcoming meeting with the Labour Mobility Agreement group with further discussion.


SCGA Update 

The SCGA AGM was on May 30th, 2016 in Saskatoon. There were many Sask 1st Call Supporters

            • It was noted that it cost the province $10 million a year for ground strike costs Highways: Barry Klatt is trying to get a joint access based maps. There are legal issues because data isn’t up to date. Highways is pressuring the Crowns for access.
            • Sask 1st Call App: Federal Legislation- Bill 233 which is only for federal lands.
            • Access to maps: there are currently 3 maps and they don’t communicate with each other.
            • Mandatory push back is from Oil and Gas (possibly because they don’t know where their stuff is) but realistically the Crowns will push back.
            • Easement on title discussion

We should keep going to the SCGA meetings.


2016-17 Meeting #1, June 9, 2016

PSC Funding For Advertising

PSC Advertising budget for their banner ad is used up. SLSA has not received a formal request for funding. Send a letter to PSC asking for a formal request for funding and that the letter should be addressed to all PSC members and not just the Associations. SLSA would also like to see the stats on the last round of banner advertising.


Matters Arising from the Annual General Meeting 

Geo Ed Resolution from AGM: This should go to the Education Committee (which they are already working on). The current cycle for the Geo Ed Program is a two year cycle which is a rolling two year cycle and the information is analyzed each year.


Yearly topics of Discussion

      • Cheque amounts requiring two signatures: Council set the amount at $2,500 for cheques that require two signatures.

      • Signing Authorities: Ryan Maloney will be removed and Lee Andersen will be added.
      • Council Liaisons: Charitable Fund – J. M. Adams
                                        Government Relations – J. M. Adams

                                    Finance Committee & Nominations – C. D. Kuntz
                                    Convention Committee – R. G. King
                                    Practice Committee – S. M.  Drew
                                    Public Relations – D. L. Codling
                                    Education Committee – R. L. Baete

          • Newsletter Articles were determined for each of the Councillors.


        • Sale of Standard Iron Posts: The Money will be used towards Education and Promotion of Surveying.

        2016-17 Meeting #2, September 9, 2016

        Committee Updates (from Committee Chairpersons)

        Education Committee

        Fall Education Seminar is coming up. Brian is requesting ideas as the timeline is quite tight which adds another element to organizing. Some possible topics are: Al Jensen: Monuments governing and Brian is to contact Pat Maloney as Pat has some ideas.


        Government Relations Committee

        The committee has been busy.

            • The #1 priority is meeting with Ministers responsible for the Provincial Lands Act. Meetings were held this summer with some ministers regarding accretion. An inter government committee re: accretion has been set up. Consultations are ongoing. 
            • Community Planning: there will be some amendments to regulations. Meetings have occurred and members of the Government Relations Committee have attended.
            • Minister of Environment contacted SLSA as they are requiring plans certified by land surveyors. Government would like a 3D feature plan to outline remediation.
            • Organized the ‘Meet the MLA’ night in conjunction with the Education Seminar.
            • Attended the SCGA AGM. 


        Practice Committee

          • The Committee hasn’t met since April 5, 2016.
          • Review of Controller requirements of drafting plans. Mainly housekeeping and updating review.
          • Working on Guideline/reference material for unsurveyed territories. There will be something coming to Council after the next committee meeting.
          • Policy G05-007: worked with the Controller and the policy has been revised as of June 22, 2016.
          • Amendments of the Planning & Development Act was not reviewed by the Committee.
          • Ryan Brazeal has submitted an article for the newsletter re: Survey accuracy 
          • Descriptive Type II plan – Discussed with Controller. May have to start requiring a RPP with it but not decided yet.
          • Parcel Ties and Consolidation: working with Controller of Surveys.
          • Controller looking at amending Resurrection Policy
          • There was a letter from a member re: responsibility of change orders and who bears the cost
          • Comment was made from A & C re: changing the color of marker posts as paint may be unavailable.
          • RPR rewrite-where is this at? The Practice Committee walked away after initial proposal was rejected.
          • Well site affidavit and using a consistent method-Where is this at? There was an oversight and this has not been looked into. There was a letter to Ministry of Energy that was sent. Council to send a new request to Practice Committee


Board of Examiners Committee

  • The Committee has been inactive since the spring exams.
  • Had discussion with J.C. Tetreault re: option to online MRA exams. The Committee will need to meet to discuss to see if it’s feasible and exams will need to be updated (regardless of moving to online exams).
  • SLSITs are status quo
  • Are there any stats for upcoming exams? A. There are about 6 individuals who will be writing exams.


Discipline Committee

  • Has to set up terms of Reference
  • APEGS seminar: would be nice to attend again if they are hosting one.
  • Committee numbers are good as members were increased.

    CBEPS Committee

  • Murray attended a Board of Directors Meeting a few weeks ago.
  • BCIT & NAIT exemptions were on the table
  • York University applied for full accreditation
  • Murray sent an email of follow up items to Council. Council has them on their agenda to discuss at today’s meeting.
  • Foreign Credentials Iniative: Jean Claude has received a response and more work is required.


    Biography Committee

  • Currently looking at ways to get biographies online for members who don’t have biographies.

Considering doing Head Shots and collecting updated data at the next AGM.


Admissions Board for Professional Surveyors Committee

  • In 1995 or 1997, we decided to include other branches of surveying. We have not been promoting this. Akbar would like to ask Council to promote this to different groups.
    • Did you have groups in mind that we should be promoting? No. Council will review and discuss.
  • The Committee is inactive as nothing is happening.

Bylaws Part III, Section 25 should be reviewed by the Bylaw Committee


Bylaw Committee

  • The committee has been inactive over the summer.
  • There is limited feedback from membership
  • The committee distributed portions of the bylaws to members

Pat will talk to members at the Education Seminar but is not prepared to present any changes to the membership just yet.


  • PSC Trademarking the term Professional Surveyor

  • Council needs to determine if we want to pursue this matter.
  • What would it cost for legal counsel? Should SLSA trademark the term?
  • Is there a way to make this work?
  • There was no consultation from PSC with SLSA
  • PSC is using the SLSA definition to determine a professional surveyor.
  • SLSA should meet with PSC to get information. Robert will talk to Wilson at the AGM he is attending next week.
  • PSC has submitted the application for the trademark.
  • Carla to also talk to APEGS or Engineering Canada for some input or guidance.


New Students and SLSITs

The following Candidate applied for and was granted membership as a Student:

J.A. Justin Reiter articling to Calvin Bourassa


Marker Posts Discussion

SLSA was asked if it’s possible to change the color from orange on the marker posts. The reasoning was because the paint was expensive and the other brands didn’t carry that color any more. Council discussed this and said no, the color cannot be changed. Other colors are designated for Sask Power or something else. Individuals know what the orange means and it would cause confusion to change it.


2016-17 Meeting #3, October 24, 2016

President Travel Update

  • Robert attended the Manitoba AGM.
  • Manitoba had 34 motions on the floor but there were a lot of bylaw amendments.
  • Manitoba would like to decrease the President travel expense by decreasing the number of Provincial AGMs attended down to 4. The motion was presented and withdrawn. Council will address.
  • Last year, they had a $17,000 advertising budget which was spent on research. No ads were released/published. This year’s budget is set at $13,500 towards this campaign.
  • Realtors are doing a national campaign on protecting ownership rights. Maybe the Surveyors can be involved in this as it would have to do with boundaries.
  • Robert attended the Nova Scotia AGM
    • At their seminar, they had a presentation where 2 surveyors disagreed on a property boundary and both had submitted plans to the land titles office. Both surveyors presented their information and asked members for their opinions/thoughts. The actual case is before the courts for a judge to rule.
    • Monument program with coordinates increased the number of monuments by 260.
    • Last year’s motion re: restored monument had to have a plan filed; has resulted in increased fees for surveyors which they were told wouldn’t happen. There was an increase from 700 plans to 2600 plans.
    • Saskatchewan restoration plans are still a zero fee with ISC.


PSC Trademarking the term Professional Surveyor

  • Having a trademark that is under federal legislation is easy to enforce as per discussion with PSC. A cease and desist letter is provided and if they fail to comply, then revenue can be taken.
  • As long as PSC and SLSA play well, a professional courtesy would be applied.
  • Do we need to look into filing an objection?
  • Designation can’t be enforced in other provinces. It can be enforced in Saskatchewan but it may not be easy to enforce.
  • We should get a lawyer opinion on how this will affect the P. Survs in Saskatchewan.
  • Saskatchewan may not have a concern and we may not have to change anything.
  • Question to PSC: Who can use the trademark of P. Surv?
  • The PSC trademark is not a certification, and the P. Surv in Saskatchewan is not a Land Surveyor so this will be a bit misleading.
  • The only concern is really for Saskatchewan members that are P. Surv members only as they are not land surveyors. How will the trademark of P. Surv affect them?
  • What if Akbar comes up with a plan to promote the P. Surv designation in Saskatchewan? What will the affects be?
  • We need to find a lawyer that specializes in Trademarks.

    Funding to PSC for Banner Advertisement

    • SLSA does not have much of an advertising budget.
    • PSC is asking for $200/member for advertising.
    • Should this expense be taken to the members? It doesn’t have to as Council can determine where money is being spent.
    • Manitoba committed $5000 to the PSC advertising request.
    • PSC advertising money could be spent on advertising P. Surv trademark. If P. Surv doesn’t go through than advertising will focus on underground infrastructure.
    • Follow up at a later meeting after we talk to lawyer re: P. Surv trademark vs. designation

      FIG Young Surveyor North America Meeting:

      • Last year’s meeting was cancelled and no dates have been set for the upcoming year.
      • There was a FIG meeting in Finland and they had a 1 day retreat for young surveyors. There were about 25 individuals in attendance.
      • Council decided not to send a young member to this meeting and will revisit the discussion if any new information comes to light in the future.

        New Students and SLSITs

        The following Candidate applied for and was granted membership as a Student:

        N. Noel Hamilton articling to Scott Colvin


        The following Candidate applied for and was granted membership as a SLSIT:

        G. Gregory Hartel articling to Akbar Karsan