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Southern Saskatchewan




Saskatchewan has such a diverse and amazing landscape.


The above pictures were taken in Southern Saskatchewan, in June of 2016.


1. Geodetic Control Station “70 Mile Butte”, #23503 – this control station is at the top of 70 Mile Butte, near Val Marie (11-3-13-3). The park information says this hill was 70 Miles to Fort Walsh and 70 Miles to Wood Mountain along an old trail, although the Township plat shows a trail (trail to Wood Mountain and Eastend) several miles north of this hill – running thru Val Marie. The picture is looking to the West.


2. Parks Canada has some new wall tents for rent at the Frenchman Valley Campground (West Block of Grasslands National Park), they are really neat and nicer than the wall tents I have stayed in in at mine camps in the NWT and Yukon years ago. This is the first year operating them. They wisely have them tucked behind a hill to block the NW’erly winds. The fence you can see if to keep the bison herd (over 300) out of the campground area.


3. Not far from the campground is the Larsen Ranch homestead, not much left there, the park brochure says the family ranched here until the early 80’s. One of the buildings was hauled here from another nearby homestead – not sure which one. These buildings will likely collapse soon, not much left, the barns are already gone. The museum in the old brick school in Val Marie has quite a bit of info about the area, and this ranch.


These photos and information relating to the photos were submitted by M.A. ‘Mark’ MacDonald.