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Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

Council Highlights

Carla Stadnick

Executive Director

Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association


2015-16 Meeting #6, January 18, 2016


FIG Young Surveyor North America

Council continued the discussion about sending a younger SLS member to the FIG Young Surveyor North America meetings but ultimately decide to table this discussion until after the 2016 AGM.


Committee Updates

  • Council approved the following 4 new members be added to the Discipline Committee: Courtney Tripp, Mark MacDonald, Lee Andersen and Jamie Lehmkuhl


  • Council approved the addition of 1 new member, Ryan Brazeal, to the Practice Committee


  • Council approved the appointment of Pat Maloney as Chair of the Bylaw Committee. Council also discussed the process of Bylaw updates and decided that SLSA Committee bylaw amendments will go through Council and then to the Bylaw Committee.


  • Government Relations Committee: The Environmental Protection Branch (Ministry of Environment) contacted the Association regarding Site Clean Up and corrective actions and closure of contaminated site condition that is placed on the impacted sites registry maintained by the ministry. The ministry is trying to solidify the policy requirements and is looking for input from the Association. The Government Relations Committee will work the ministry to assist with the requirements.


 CBEPS Proposed Changes to the National Syllabus

  • CBEPS wants to change the C12-Hydrographic Surveying course. Council doesn’t have any issues but will inquire if there will be any additional costs to the Associations.


2015-16 Meeting #7, March 7, 2016

President Travel Update

President, Chris Kuntz, has attended 3 AGMs since the last Council Meeting (New Brunswick, Ontario and British Columbia)

  • New Brunswick had dropped out of the ‘All In’ model with PSC last year but has been able to join the ‘All In’ model once again. The Association office had some staffing issues but is looking at hiring after they lost both the Executive Director and Secretary.


  • Ontario still has some high legal costs in the Association which has caused their fees to double in the last five years. They are currently working on a Survey Record index and also working on digital plan submission.


  • BC voted in favour of accepting BCIT graduates with an average of 70% and individual course marks higher than 60% into the Association. This has caused some concern for other Associations and discussions will continue surrounding BC’s decision.


ACLS is looking for a letter of support from SLSA stating that we support ACLS’ efforts to get funding from Government. Council approved sending a letter of support.


ABCLS Accepting BCIT Graduates without CBEPS Certificate

At the ABCLS AGM, the motion was put forth to accept BCIT Graduates. After 3 and 1/2 hours of discussion, the motion passed. There were some opinions that ABCLS should not be an accrediting body reviewing a school‘s program as it could be considered a conflict of interest. There was also some concern that if BCIT wasn‘t accredited, the enrollment would drop and then the course would be dropped.


There is some concern from SLSA (and other provinces) that this change will affect the Labour Mobility Agreement. There will be an upcoming meeting with the Labour Mobility Agreement group with further discussion.


2016 Suggested Schedule of Fees

The Practice Committee submitted the 2016 Suggested Schedule of Fees which Council reviewed and approved.


CCOG Request

CCOG is requesting 3 items to discuss at the National Surveyors Conference coming up in May, 2016 in Edmonton, AB. Council agreed to submit these 3 items: Accretion and Erosion, Access to Utility data, Unlicensed Practice.


Requirements of Surveying for Environmental Cleanup (through the Ministry of Environment)

The Ministry of Environment contacted the SLSA office for input on requirements for Environmental Clean Up. The Government Relations Committee and a SLS member (who was contacted by an Engineering firm to work on one of these projects) is working with the Ministry of Environment to determine what the actual requirements are. Some of the details that have come out are as follows:


  • For site clean ups, the government needs to be able to recreate the information to ensure, in the future, they can determine the exact location that was cleaned up.


  • If contamination is found outside the area show, the MOE is not responsible for that.


  • The depth of excavation has to be controlled somehow. If 6 feet down has been cleaned but over time, 2 feet gets removed, then the 6 feet down cannot be measured properly.


  • Currently, there is nothing being registered on title but there is a separate government database for the cleanup files.


  • Obviously, the largest concern from Government is the spatial extent of the cleanup or Remediation.


Discussions and Requirements will be ongoing.


Audited Financial Statements

Council received, reviewed and approved the Audited Financial Statements. These are available on the SLSA website and will also be distributed through the Committee Reports at the SLSA AGM.


Unlicensed Practice in Saskatchewan

There was one concern of Unlicensed practice in a business advertisement, but upon review, the advertisement was not specific to land surveying.


PSC Monument Preservation Brochure

PSC created a Monument Preservation Brochure which is now available to use. If you would like to see a copy of the brochure, please contact the SLSA office at

2015-16 Meeting #8, April 5, 2016

SLSA Budget

Council reviewed and approved the 2016 SLSA Budget.


Proposed Bylaw Amendment 

Council reviewed a proposed Bylaw amendment to include decks as permanent structures on Real Property Reports but declined the amendment and made suggestions to the Practice Committee for alternate solutions.


Committee Updates

  • Council approved the appointment of Dallas Lazar as Chair of the Public Relations Committee as Jill Burridge has stepped down as Chair. Thanks to Jill for her past contributions and continued support on the Public Relations Committee!

Clarification when IPs Govern

  • A concern was brought forward to Council regarding the use of misplanted IPs that govern rather than the intended plan. Council had a lengthy discussion as to when IPs govern even when there is a visible error in the planting of IPs. The discussion could have gone on for hours but ultimately, Council has requested the Education Committee to research and prepare a presentation at an upcoming Education Seminar.