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Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

Council Highlights

2015-16 Meeting #3, October 27, 2015


Bylaw Committee Members

Council approved the following list of SLSA members as members of the Bylaw Committee:

  • Pat Maloney
  • Dallas Lazar
  • Trevor Luddington
  • Dan Cook
  • Madeleine Roberston
  • Barry Clark
  • Wayne Stockton

The Bylaws Committee will be responsible for reviewing and introducing any bylaw changes. A Committee Chair will be requested.

New SLS Comissions

The following Labour Mobility Candidate applied for and was granted commission as a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor:

  • A. ALexander Gorelik – Commission #341 and P. Surv. #125

New Students and SLSITs

  • A Saskatchewan Land Surveyor in Training Agreement between Matthew James Rustad and Max Putnam, SLS, P. Surv. was approved.

Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC) and Public Advertising

PSC is guaging interest in a national ad campaign, rather than each Association doing their own Advertising. They are currently investigating if they can get some Government funding and would like to know from other Associations if they are interested in giving money for this project. At this point, the project is being investigated and no commitment is required. 

CBEPS & C3 Advanced Surveying Exam

Manitoba had presented a petition,in February of 2015, requesting Associations to sign in agreement that C3 be removed as a core exam of the CBEPS program. Council reviewed the petition and did not completely agree with the petition as worded, so chose not to sign the petition. Manitoba has asked Associations that did not sign the petition to review their decision. Upon further review, Council isn’t opposed to change or the review of C3 but still does not agree with Manitoba’s petition in moving the C3 course to an elective. 

2015-16 Meeting #4, November 18, 2015

National Project – Improve Foreign Credential Assessment Process

CBEPS originally applied to Government for money to improve the Foreign Credential Assessment process but since CBEPS does not have any employees, they are unable to apply. ACLS will take over this venture on behalf of CBEPS. 

ACLS is looking for a letter of support from SLSA stating that we support ACLS’ efforts to get funding from Government. Council approved sending a letter of support.

GeoAlliance Canada – Become a Member

GeoAlliance Canada is asking Assocations to join. Membership would be $1000/year. PSC is a member of GeoAlliance. Members of PSC would fall under PSC’s membership to GeoAlliance Canada. Council determined that SLSA would not gain anything at this time by becoming a member of GeoAlliance Canada.

Pipeline Regulations: Section 4 (Notifications and Easements)

Anyone applying for a pipeline license that is within 2.5 km of a town, Community Planning has to be involved. Some applications are taking up to a year and a half.  It seems that the license application does not coincide with the planning act. Some of the licenses state that there has to be a registered plan. Government Relations Committee will investigate.

CBEPS & C3 Advanced Surveying Exam

Further discussion occurred regarding the C3 Exam. Chris spoke with Murray Radoux who is our CBEPS representative. Information was provided on pass/fail rates and that there were other exams that had poor pass rates. It was felt that a surveyor can be a specialist in many areas and that C3 was just as important as the other specialized areas. Council feels that if there was more guidance to students with direction to online course information, then students would be able to prepare and study for the course.

IRIS Access

With the IRIS implementation, how will surveyors access the data as it seems that Surveyors will not be able to get direct online access to data. It is currently under review to set up a secondary login for surveyors to allow access to IRIS. If a survey firm licenses wells, than the survey firm can get get access to IRIS by getting a BA number.

2015-16 Meeting #5, December 3, 2015

Guidance/Standards for Coordinate Systems

Discussion occurred on which EPOCH to use. NRCAN says to use EPOCH 97. There are also concerns on about using the Canadian geomatic data (CGVD) 28 or 2013. Survey Companies should be using the same data. There was a comment that there used to be a CSMA and a geodetic expert but it seems that this doesn’t exist any more. Ryan Brazeal’s name was mentioned as he is extremely knowledgeable in this area. Council will request the Practice Committee to look into this topic and will also ask them to include Ryan Brazeal in their discussions.

BCLS Announcement of Accepting BCIT candidates without CBEPS Certificate

ABCLS will have 3 different ways of qualifying as a SLSIT. (CBEPS certificate of completion, Post secondary Degree of Geomatics from an accredited university and now a graduation certificate Degree from BCIT along with a transcript with a minimum of 65%).

ABCLS is still working on the actual wording for the changes. SLSA council has questions to ABCLS such as:

  • Who is going to monitor BCIT? If professors change, the course could also change.
  • The impact to Labour Mobility may affect SLSA. Wtih ABCLS not requiring a CBEPS certificate, it could be a slippery slop for other provinces accepting Labour Mobility candidates. If the BCIT program changes in a negative way, then it could affect Saskatchewan. 

Council will be drafting a letter to ABCLS outlining some questions and concerns.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Scholarships

SLSA received notice that the Government of Saskatchewan would only match 50% of Scholarship funding (previously, the Government matched 100%). Saskatchewan Polytechnic wanted to know if SLSA wanted to continue the donation of $1250 for each of the 3 scholarships or change the amount to $625 each. Council decided to continue the amount of $1250 with the understanding that the Government of Saskatchewan would match up to $625.