Corner Post
Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

Letter from the Editor-Winter

Gene E. H. Seis

SLS, P. Surv.

SLSA CornerPost Editor


Thanks to Wayne Stockton for the e-mail about his early years of surveying and small town hotels that he has stayed in. These memories are a true reminder of how much things have changed over a relatively short period of time in the survey industry. We tend to think of computer technology and GPS as being the leading changes we have seen, however, and I qualify this by saying I am getting older, while GPS and CAD are nice, a modern flush toilet is a pretty important and essential piece of equipment that I certainly do not want to do without.


Thanks to Pat Maloney for the cover photo, and to all of the surveyors who are down south for the winter, see what you are missing.


We have included a few interesting articles so enjoy the reading and if there are any other types of articles you would like to see in future issues please let us know.


Submissions to the news letter by any member are welcome, please send them in. We still need photos for the cover page so if you have any send them to Carla or me along with a brief note about them.


Stay warm and enjoy the great Saskatchewan winter along with any winter getaways you have planned.




Gene Seis