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Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

Council Highlights

Carla Stadnick

Executive Director

Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association


2016-17 Meeting #4, November 30, 2016


Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC) and Professional Surveyor Trademark

Council requested the advice of a lawyer on the P. Surv trademark. Council is currently waiting for a response from the lawyer as he needed time to research the matter. The trademark process is continuing to move ahead).


New SLS Comissions

The following Candidate applied for and was granted commission as a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor:

G. C. ‘Geoffrey’ Dick – Commission #348 and P. Surv #132



Follow Up Items from SLSA Fall Education Seminar

  • Parks RPR Requirements: Post this on the SLSA website
  • Members have concerns with some of the rejection memos coming back on plan submissions, as the data doesn’t fit into the GIS model but the actual data is correct. Members of the Executive Committee will have meetings to discuss this.


SLSA Public Member Update

Terry Alm has been approved by the Minister of Justice but it needs to go through Order on Council. 


SLSA Financial Auditor

Don McMillan has given his notice as he is retiring from audits. Thanks to Don for his many years of support to the Association! A search for a new auditor has begun.


2016-17 Meeting #5, January 16, 2017

President Update

President, Robert King, did not have any travel plans since the last Council Meeting. The main hot topic is that the Manitoba government has eliminated the Director of Surveys position. The position has been vacant the last couple of years, but his decision could affect other provinces. The second hot topic is the P.Surv trademark which will be presented at the next President’s Forum in New Brunswick.


Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC) and Professional Surveyor Trademark

Since the last Council meeting, SLSA Council sent a letter to PSC asking them to drop the trademark of P. Surv because there is a major conflict in Saskatchewan as the P. Surv trademark term applies to Land Surveyors and our P. Surv. designation does not apply to Land Surveyors but to Surveyors. PSC responded and SLSA Council has asked the lawyer for his opinion.


Committee Updates

Practice Committee

Ron Eichel has resigned from the Practice Committee. Thanks Ron for all your past work and effort! Two new members would like to join the Practice Committee, Corban Christie and Wade Phair. Council approved this request.The committee is working on updating the Suggested Schedule of Fees. The committee is still reviewing guidelines for Surveying in Unsurveyed territory.They have a letter to be sent to the Ministry of Economy for Stale dated well site guidelines. The committee is also working on standards for a survey plan ‘Notice of Site Condition’ for the Ministry of Environment for transferring liability on sites (i.e. gas stations, etc)


Government Relations Committee

They are reviewing the proposed changes to the Pipeline act and SaskEnergy regulations and are still looking into setting up a meeting with SaskEnergy and Resources re: surveying flow lines. They will also be meeting with SCGA.


Charitable Fund Committee

The SaskPolytech Scholarship awards will be increasing to $2000 each (from $1250) beginning August, 2017. The additional money will be coming from the Charitable Fund money, as we have to use money each year. Not all of the money can sit in the fund and grow; like initially thought. The dollar amount will be reviewed again in 3 years to determine if there is enough money in the fund to sustain this amount.


Nominations Committee

Chris is getting a list together, but things are pretty preliminary at this point.


Finance Committee

Iron Post sales are down for the year but the Association has done well.


Practice Committee

The committee is working on updating the Suggested Schedule of Fees. The committee is still reviewing guidelines for Surveying in Unsurveyed territory.They have a letter to be sent to the Ministry of Economy for Stale dated well site guidelines. 

hey There is some concern from SLSA (and other provinces) that this change will affect the Labour Mobility Agreement. There will be an upcoming meeting with the Labour Mobility Agreement group with further discussion.


Education Committee

There hasn’t been any activity since the last Education seminar. Brian will be starting to organize the Spring Education seminar. If you have ideas for any seminar sessions, please let Brian Burridge know.


Convention Committee

The location is booked and the golf is booked. Room booking should happen in early February.


Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is booked into the SARM convention in March (as per direction from Council). 


U of C Committee

U of C is hosting a beef on a bun and SLSA has 2 members attending.


APEGS Training Sessions 

APEGS is hosting numerous upcoming training sessions/forum disccussions, etc. They are working with other organizations and have made a preliminary list of topics that they would like to discuss. Carla will sign up for any pertinent training sessions. They also have some upcoming professional conduct and disciplinary sessions in the fall of 2017.


2016-17 Meeting #6, February 3, 2017

Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC) and Professional Surveyor Trademark

The lawyer that SLSA hired will be handling this process (with confirmation and guidance from SLSA Council) until an agreement or resolution is found. Council of the SLSA will create a position paper and circulate this to the members of SLSA.


2016 Audited Financial Statements 

The 2016 Audited Financial statements were approved by Council and will be sent to the SLSA members.


2017 Suggested Schedule of Fees

Council reviewed the proposed increases for the Suggested Schedule of Fees but decided that no increases were required this year. The Suggested Schedule of Fees will be updated and posted on the SLSA website.