Corner Post
Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

Letter from the Editor

Gene E. H. Seis

SLS, P. Surv.

SLSA CornerPost Editor


It has been approximately 130 years since the majority of the original township surveys were completed. These surveys were carried out with equipment and under conditions that most of us can’t even comprehend. Yet, as Land Surveyors it is important that we understand the procedures that were followed, errors in equipment and practices, the monuments used, the short cuts that were taken and the resultant errors, the standards for and type of information shown on the plans, and much more if we are going to be competent in assessing evidence of original corners that may or may not be lost.


Knowledge of the history of land settlement, farming practices, weather trends or technical limitations over the years are tremendous assets in understanding that a rock pile may have been placed on top of an original corner monument by the land owner to “permanently” mark the spot, or a ridge of dirt may be evidence of a boundary fence that trapped blow dirt particularly in dry years of the 1930’s or 1980’s, or that prior to Land Title conversion hard copy plans were rolled up on 36 inch dowels and kept in pigeon hole cabinets. The maximum width of a plan was set at 34 inches (860mm) so the plans would not get tattered at the edges. It’s comforting to know that this standard has been maintained so that your digital plans don’t get tattered on your hard drive leaving you with a bunch of dog eared megabytes.


I don’t believe that the importance of a knowledge of the history of surveying as well as the history of the province can be overstated so it is my intention to include historical articles on Saskatchewan places or people in the odd issue. An article about the Moose Mountain Medicine Wheel is included in this one.

Please let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see in the newsletter send them to me.


We also need photos for the cover page so if you have any send them to Carla or me along with a brief note about them. They do not need to be of the same quality as the Spring 2013 cover photo, perfection is often a one time thing.


Have a great summer and fall.