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Land Surveyors

Office of Public Registry Administration Established

On May 30, 2013, the Office of Public Registry Administration was established at the Ministry of Justice as a result of proclamation of The Operation of Public Registry Statutes Act, and The Information Services Corporation Act.


The Office of Public Registry Administration (OPRA) has oversight and responsibility for the Land Registry, the Personal Property Registry, the Corporate Registry and the Land Surveys Directory. ISC, as a Saskatchewan business corporation, will act as the service provider for management and operation of the registries.


OPRA is the home for the newly appointed Registrar of Titles, Registrar of Personal Property Security, Director of Corporations, Registrar of Co-operatives and Controller of Surveys, referred to as Registry officers.
Role of OPRA and Registry Officers includes:


  • Registry integrity. OPRA has the responsibility for ensuring integrity of the registries.


  • Ownership of registry information. The Government of Saskatchewan continues to own all registry information, records and data in the registries.


  • Policy setting for the registries. Registry officers set new policy and amend existing policies for the registries. This includes revisions to procedures that will have an impact on policy.


  • Legislative amendments. Registry officers are responsible for the legislation, proposing any changes to the Acts and Regulations to be considered by Government.


  • Delegations to ISC to enable it to act as service provider. Registry officers provide formal and specific written delegation under the various pieces of legislation to ISC or ISC employees setting out their authorities while retaining the right to review decisions made at ISC.


    What this means for you on a day-to-day basis:


  • ISC as first contact for routine transactions. ISC will remain the first point of contact for routine transactions. Searches and registrations for all registries will continue through ISC as before. Examples of other transactions that will continue to be submitted to ISC:
    • For the Land Registry – requests for corrections, mineral certifications, parcel picture on demand
    • For the Corporate Registry – notice of change of directors, dissolutions, requests for corrections of issued certificates
    • For the Personal Property Registry – compulsory discharges, secured party reports, staff-assisted RIN look-ups
    • For the Land Surveys Directory – requests for survey instructions, requests for prior approval for a descriptive plan


  • Consistent with previous practice, the Registry Officers will continue to be involved in transactions where:
    • No written policy exists;
    • New precedent or policy will be set; or

    • Existing policy will be changed or amended including where changes to process will affect policy or integrity of the Registry.


  • Examples of OPRA as first contact include:
    • Assurance claims under The Land Titles Act, 2000 and compensation claims under The Personal Property Security Act, 1993 and The Business Corporations Act;
    • Court actions or applications. If you wish to serve documents related to one of the registries, you should do so at the Office of Public Registry Administration located at 1100-1870 Scarth Street, Regina S4P 4B3;
    • Potential changes to policy, regulation or legislation;
    • Restriction of access to the Registries;
    • Referrals to the Registrar of Titles under The Land Titles Act, 2000;
    • Name disputes in the Corporate Registry.


    The staff and contact information for OPRA:


    1110 – 1874 Scarth Street


    Fax: (306) 787-5830


    Catherine Benning


    Phone: (306) 787-8391



    Karen Banks

    Senior Crown Counsel

    Registrar of Titles

    Phone: (306) 798-1200



    Amin Bardestani

    Senior Crown Counsel

    Director of Corporations

    Registrar of Co-operatives

    Phone: (306) 798-1202



    Sheri Hupp

    Senior Crown Counsel

    Registrar of Personal Property Security

    Phone: (306) 798-1203



    Jim Boyd

    Controller of Surveys

    Phone: (306) 798-1201



    Rhonda Bailey

    Administrative Assistant

    Phone: (306) 798-1079