Corner Post
Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

President’s message

Mike M. L. Waschuk

SLS, P. Surv.



To be the President of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association is an honour and a privilege, an educational process, a worthwhile commitment and something every member should strive to do. Thanks to the membership, I have been given the opportunity to do it again. Thank you.


Once again, I am following a President that I have a great deal of respect for. Bill Soroski is a smart individual, a good thinker and always knows the right thing to say at a meeting. Needless to say he is a good speaker and a great host as was evidenced at our recent AGM.


Outgoing members of Council, Wayne Adams, Chris Kuntz and Regan Rayner are to be thanked for dedication, hard work and contributions to the Association. 


I am really looking forward to working with this year’s Council. It is a strong team made up of some very capable members. Our Public Member (Terry Alm) has proven to be a valuable member with his well-timed suggestions and opinions. Our Executive Director (Carla Stadnick)is doing a great job and has proven to be the ideal replacement for Carl Shiels.  


Council will have its work cut out for it with the continuation of the privatization of ISC [Did you buy your shares yet?], the never-ending discussions on Riparian Rights and other issues that have a tendency to pop up when you least expect them to.


You all have received the notification from the Crown Corporation Joint Locate Working Committee with respect to non-ground disturbance locates. I have received several emails with member’s comments. Dave Gurnsey, Tom Webb and myself met with Shawn Fairman (Chair, Crown Corporation Joint Locate Working Committee), and Barb Tchozewski (Sask 1st Call) on July 9th in Saskatoon to discuss the Crown Utilities decision to no longer offer locates in non-ground disturbance situations. At the end of the day it looks like we will have to adapt to this new policy.


I have just returned from the National Surveyors Conference in Niagara Falls. I was surprised to see quite a few SLS’s (Hanson, Gurnsey, Bourassa, Monette, Bishop, R. Shrivastava and Craig) in attendance. PSC was a hot topic at the conference and it felt really good to look up at the big screens and see “The Saskatchewan Model” up there for discussion. I had the opportunity to discuss this with many surveyors in attendance. Thanks to Soroski, Kuntz and Wolfe’s work on our PSC funding model.


At the National Surveyors Conference, I was invited to attend the “National Cadastral Roundtable” discussion with the Surveyor General (Peter Sullivan). The discussion was very interesting and thought provoking. What are your thoughts on a National Surveyors’ Association instead of individual Provincial Surveyors’ Associations? We would all be National Surveyors (or whatever the decided upon name would be)with one or more provincial designations. I.E.: John Smith, NS (Sask.). Would the requirements of continuing education be easier to maintain? What else?


During the ACLS AGM, it was pointed out that the ACLS experienced a loss (+/- $29,500)on their investments. The membership didn’t seem too concerned about this and I started to think about our own Association and how the members would react to this type of news.  


Hopefully, in conjunction with our Fall Seminar, we will be having a “Meet the MLA’s Night” this fall. I think it is very important to stay in touch with government and meet with them on a regular basis to discuss issues that affect the land surveying profession.


Are you familiar with ISC’s Policy GO-04/003? Neither was I until our company had a plan that fell under this policy. Take the time to read over this policy and think of all the lands you know of that were TLE selected lands that have been converted to Reserve status. Agree with the policy? If not, send your comments into the Controller of Surveys.


Hope you all have a great summer.