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Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

President’s Message

Ryan R. P. Maloney

SLS, P. Surv., B. Tech.



President’s Message to the Membership


In my inaugural President’s Message I would like to start out by saying what an honor and a privilege it is to serve as the President of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association.  I have been fortunate on my first few years as a land surveyor to serve on council, as vice president and now am looking forward to the challenges of being president.


I would like to thank Mike Waschuk for providing a great example of how to lead the association.  His work with the government and the crown corporations has created great progress in the last few years and I look forward to continuing these relationships, especially in the area of riparian rights and the recognition of accretion in Saskatchewan.  I also am looking forward to improving the land surveyor’s access to crown utility data in order to obtain real time access for our members.

I am fortunate to have such a young energetic council who will bring a fresh view on existing and future discussions.  Thanks to Terry Alm, our public member and also Carla our executive director for keeping us organized and providing me with the required information to run efficient meetings and carry on the day to day operations.


May was a busy month for travel to other association’s AGM’s.  May 11th to 13th I attended the National Surveyors Conference in beautiful St. Andrews, New Brunswick. The Algonquin Resort was a great venue and provided all of the resources required for the conference.  There was a small group of attendees for the size of the association.  Guy Craig was present on behalf of PSC and did a great presentation on the importance and need for a national voice for land surveyors.


 Of course May 21st to 24th was our AGM at Elk Ridge.  Thanks to Dan Codling and Darren Patkau for organizing the event and keeping the hospitality cabin running.  The weather was beautiful and the visiting delegates all thoroughly enjoyed the venue and the hospitality from our association.  It was great to see the large number of new commissions issued.  It is a testament to the great opportunities in Saskatchewan as well as the quality mentors within our membership.


On May 28th to 31st I travelled to St. Johns Newfoundland for the ANLS AGM.  The ANLS membership had some strong discussions regarding illegal practice, complaints, discipline, attracting and retaining land surveyors, digital plan submission as well as the “All In” funding for PSC.  After a lengthy two sided debate the members voted narrowly in favor of the all in membership, but did voice the need for PSC to provide some concrete action items in the next year.


On June 9th and 10th the Canadian Geomatics Community Round Table was held in Ottawa.  Chris Kuntz attended on behalf of the SLSA.  There was an excellent representation from the land surveying community with every association, other than PEI and Manitoba, attending.  The surveyors provided guidance to some of the other geomatics/geospatial groups in attendance.  The roughly 100 attendees were tasked with defining and developing the 7 Strategy Dimensions that had been created by the CGCRT steering committee.  Thank you, Chris for your attendance and your input into the CGCRT.  We look forward to continuing our involvement in the round table going forward.


On June 19th the Association received a letter from the Ministry of Government Relations, thanking us for our input into the changes to the Subdivision Regulations which come into force on July 1st, 2014.  Thank you to all the members who voiced their opinions and raised concerns.  It is great to see such a level of involvement as well as to see the Government’s appreciation and interest in working with us.  Carla has distributed the regulation changes to the members and I would encourage everyone who is involved in this work to read the amended regulations and familiarize themselves with the changes.


I am excited for the challenges our association will face in the next year, including the appointing of a new Public Member as Terry Alm’s term is coming to an end in October. It will be difficult to replace Terry’s perspective, his input to council and the strong voice he conveyed with government.


I welcome any comments and concerns from the membership and I hope everyone has a safe and busy summer.


Thank you all for giving me this opportunity to serve as your president.