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Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

Council Highlights

Carla Stadnick

Executive Director

Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association


2013-14 Meeting #3, Sept. 9


  • Council presented a cheque for $8369.00 to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. This money was raised at the 2013 SLSA AGM throug the silent auction and donation bar.
  • A motion was passed to allocate 10% of the money in the Survey Promotion and Education fund to the SLSA Charitable fund each year beginning in 2014.
  • Council discussed the option of SLSA purchasing a few shares in ISC. Further research is required.
  • Council reviewed and discussed the new CBEPS Bylaws and made the request for the CBEPS Committee to provide feedback
  • Meet the MLAs Night discussion was held to determine who is handling tasks of arranging food and beverage and what issues the Members should be ready to discuss at this event.
  • Committee Chairpersons were present via Conference Call to update Council on the activity of their Committees.


New Student Land Surveyor & SLSIT Agreements

  • A Student Land Surveyor in Training Agreement between Kristof Dumais and Steven Drew, SLS, P. Surv was approved.
  • A Student Land Surveyor in Training Agreement between Dustin Dykstra and Jade McLeod, SLS, P. Surv, CLS was approved
  • A Student Land Surveyor in Training Agreement between Stephen Conway and Stuart Hayward, SLS, P. Surv, was approved


2013-14 Meeting #4

  • President Mike Waschuk reported on his travel for the Manitoba, Quebec and Nova Scotia AGMs.
  • A motion was passed for SLSA to purchase 10 ISC shares (if available in this quantity).
  • An update was provided for quotes on food and beverage for the Meet the MLA Night event. The decision was made to use the Legislative Cafeteria as the caterer.
  • The Provincial Executive Directors met to review online PDC Tracking. ACLS and AOLS have systems in place to track the information electronically. Information will be shared on what each of the provincial requirements are on how the requirements are submitted and tracked.


New Student Land Surveyor & SLSIT Agreements

  • A Student Land Surveyor in Training Agreement between Trent Wahl and Ryan Maloney, SLS, P. Surv was approved.
  • A Student Land Surveyor in Training Agreement between Michael Harpur and Murray Radoux, SLS, P. Surv, P. Eng. was approved.


Professional Surveyor Application

  • A Professional Surveyor (P. Surv) Application was approved for Michael Szarmes with the recommendation that exams be taken in order to acquire his P. Surv Commission.


2013-14 Meeting #5, Nov. 18

  • Update: A meeting with Community Planning and the Government Relations Committee occurred to discuss Bare Land Condominiums and the approval process. In some cases RMs were approving plans and then Community Planning was not approving the plans. Community Planning was following the RM bylaws and therefore couldn’t approve the plans. In order to approve the plans, the RMs must change their bylaws.
  • Discussion was held on Labour Mobility Candidates and the current registration process. Currently, Labour Mobility Candidates do not register with SLSA until they are ready to write the exam. Council approved that LM Candidates can be set up for tracking purposes in the SLSA database before they register to write the exam. This way, they can access study information and receive updates from the SLSA office. 
  • ISC has asked SLSA to accept the role of developing standards and best practices (ISC PPS Policies). The Practice Committee Chairperson and Council are in favor of this and will send a letter back to ISC. 
  • PDC Forms are due by December 31, 2013 so a notice will be sent to the members.