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Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

Council Highlights

Carla Stadnick

Executive Director

Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association


2016-17 Meeting #7, March 9, 2017


Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC) and Professional Surveyor Trademark

At the last PSC board meeting, the board members decided to abandon the P.Surv trademark for now. SLSA Council would still like to work with PSC on a national designation but requires more time to have discussions and determine the regulations surrounding the P.Surv trademark.


SLSA Budget


The 2017 budget was reviewed and discussed and will be published for the members at the SLSA 107th AGM.


Committee Updates

Bylaw Committee

  • The Committee has been inactive over the last year. Council has asked the Committee Chair to set some timelines.


Education Committeee

  • The Committee will have a proposal ready for Online CPD submission at the upcoming AGM
  • The Committee is also working on finding and booking presenters for the Education Seminar that will be held at the SLSA AGM.


Well Site Affidavit

This is an outstanding item from past AGMs. Members are using different affidavits. Council will request the Practice Committee to come up with a standard well site affidavit.



2016-17 Meeting #8, April 12, 2017

President Update

Welcome back to Terry Alm, as our current Public Member on Council. At the President’s Forum at the BC AGM, there was much discussion on CBEPS. Some of the provinces are not happy with the CBEPS model and the provinces may consider other alternatives.

There is more discussion on the P.Surv trademark within other provincial associations as there are so many questions not answered. Associations were asked to look into how the P. Surv trademark would fit into their legislation.


Committee Updates

Public Relations Committee

Council had tasked the Public Relations Committee to look into creating a short Real Property Report (RPR) video. The Public Relations Committee researched and provided a quote from a company in Alberta of $3600-5400 to develop a RPR video. The purpose of the RPR video will be to educate home buyers, realtors and the general public about the value of a RPR vs. Title Insurance. After discussion and review, Council approved the project for the RPR video.


The idea of a traveling museum was brought forward from the Public Relations Committee. The cost would be $30,000 plus which is not feasible in the current budget. Council suggested that this could be a future project but that the Public Relations Committee should have a discussion with a particular member of the Association as there has been some work previously done with regards to getting Land Surveying into a museum.


General letter to RMs: Council has asked the Public Relations Committee to create a letter that would go to all RMs in Saskatchewan that would explain that only Saskatchewan Land Surveyors can determine property boundaries in Saskatchewan.


Bylaw Committee

The Chairperson is stepping down from the Bylaw Committee. Council will ask a Committee member to step into the role of the Chairman.


AGM Notices

Council approved 2 notices of motions to be presented to SLSA members at the SLSA 107th AGM.



2016-17 Meeting #9, May 23, 2017

Unauthorized Practice

Council had requested information from Manitoba as they had made some changes to their Act in the last couple of years.Council will review the current letter that we send out and compare to a few other Associations to verify that we are handling these situations with care and due diligence.


New SLS Commissions

  • The following Candidates applied for and were granted comission as Saskatchewan Land Surveyors:
    • P. A. Paul Craig – Commission #349
    • J. L. James Jacobson – Commission #350
    • J. B. Klashinsky – Commission #351

The 2016 Audited Financial statements were approved by Council and will be sent to the SLSA members.


Update and Concept Paper for Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) Iniative

There will be a monetary requirement but the amount is unknown at this time. ACLS (on behalf of CBEPS) is working standardizing the Foreign Credential process. The current process that CBEPS has is time consuming and they are working on an application to get funding and to change the process.


Wellsite Affidavit

The Practice Committee submitted a proposed wellsite affidavit. Council reviewed and has comments for the Committee to look into before this affidavit can be finalized.



There is a sandbox that has been created by members of SLSA. Can we use this as a display at the AGM? Council will talk to the members and see if they would be able to bring the sandbox and set it up at the AGM.


2016-17 Meeting #10, June 6, 2017

P. Surv Trademark and the Interprovincial Free Trade Agreement

The provinces hadn’t looked at the Free Trade Agreement and how or if it would affect the current agreement between all the provinces. Further review may be required. This will also be discussed at the President’s Forum.


National Salary Survey (Meeting on July 7, 2017)

AOLS wants a national survey to use as a stepping stone to get people interested in the profession. Is SLSA interested in being involved in participating? Salary information could be beneficial. There would be some travel costs to attend the July 7 meeting and this person would bring the information back to SLSA. This will be discussed further at the next Council meeting (right after the AGM).


CBEPS Syllabus learning Outcomes for C12 & E2 and review of entire syllabus

CBEPS is requesting that each association review the entire syllabus. Council will ask the BOE Committee to review and provide feedback. This is a good time for the provinces to have input. It was also noted that SaskPolytechnic only received 2 exemptions and that the University of Calgary and University of New Brunswick were fully accredited. CBEPS has 5 electives and 10 compulsory courses. 


2017-18 Meeting #1, June 8, 2017

The President welcomed the new members on Council.


National Marketing Campaign

The Meeting on July 7 in Toronto will be focused on discussing a national marketing campaign. All provinces are encouraged to attend the meeting and then make a decision on participating. Professional Surveyors Canada has also done some work in this area. A member of SLSA will be in the area during this meeting and may be willing to go on behalf of SLSA. Council will ask this member if he is willing and able to attend the meeting. There is a power point presentation that can be circulated to Council for review.


Matters Arising from the Annual General Meeting

Bylaw Recommendation: Charge for Standard Iron Posts

Council was asked to review if the membership needs to review and vote on this each year. Can the bylaw be changed so that an annual vote is not required; as each year, it’s the same motion and the same fee and there are no changes. Council will request the Bylaw Committee to review this bylaw.


Annual Items of Review

This first meeting of the year, is used to assign Council members as Committee Liasions, review cheque signing authorities, cheque amounts requiring two signatures, assignment of SLSA CornerPost articles, and various other annual tasks. One of the main items that is reviewed is the Funds from the Sale of Standard Iron Posts. Council made the decision to continue to put this money towards the Education and Promotion of Surveying.