Corner Post
Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

Councillor Corner

Carlo S. Monette

SLS, P. Surv.


In reading this I hope everyone has had an enjoyable holiday season and find themselves refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of 2019 ahead of us.


My time as a Councilor is nearing its conclusion, so I would like to thank the membership for allowing me the opportunity to serve on Council these past two years. Looking back on the last couple of years it has been quite eventful at times. During this time we have added five new commissions to the SLSA ranks, and tackled a wide array of issues as they arose including the following:


  • P.Surv. Trademark negotiations with Professional Surveyors Canada.
  • The implementation of GeoEd as the associations new method for tracking professional development.
  • The creation of a form to report unlicensed practice, which is available on the SLSA website.
  • Recruitment of our new Executive Director, Carrie Weir.
  • Establishment of a Museum Committee to head up the establishment of a new Surveyor’s Museum at the Land Titles Building in Battleford, SK.

My time as council’s liaison to the practice committee and a member of the Professional Conduct Committee have been educational to say the least. For this reason, I would encourage all our new members to reach out the association and join a committee of their choosing. 


Finally I would like to take a brief moment to recognize the contributions of a couple outstanding members of our association over the course of these past two years. In no particular order: Lee Andersen #281, Dave Gurnsey #239, Akbar Karsan #237, and Carl Shiels (Hon. Member).  The guidance, leadership and time commitment that I saw put forward by these individuals over my two-year term on Council has been an inspiration to say the least. To my fellow Council members, it was an honor to serve with you and I look forward to serving with many of you on various committees in the future.


Wishing everyone a safe and prosperous 2019!



Carlo Monette #319