Corner Post
Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

President’s Message

Courtney Tripp




December 10, 2019


It was brought to my attention that someone has ordered iron posts directly from the welder instead of through the SLSA! Is it true? Was it you? Why? To save the 2 bucks per post surcharge? I can’t believe it. Surely, a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor would not intentionally break the bylaws. It’s quite clear: Article XIII, Section 10. Then in Article XXI, Section 7(1). Presently, the surcharge is, as mentioned, two dollars, which is used for public relations, including the museum. The motion at this year’s AGM to raise it to two dollars from fifty cents passed with no opposing votes. If you are not ordering posts through the SLSA office, you’re in contravention of the bylaws, plain and simple. Some might also say you’re “tight” or perhaps “cheap”. I’m hoping it’s just a cruel rumor, or an honest oversight, and no fellow member is guilty of such mischief.


I trust you have read Steve Yanish’s article in the fall edition of Corner Post. He describes well some of the threats and changes to self-governing professional organizations, of which we should all be aware.


In October, I attended the ANSLS annual general meeting in Truro, Nova Scotia. Among the presidents, the discussion continued around the threats, perceived or otherwise, to professional self-regulators’ independence. The still un-named national partnership in statutory governance committee was further discussed and though not yet ratified, we are closer. The preference among the various councils of our sister associations seems to be that the executive directors of the associations will be the members thereof, offering continuity and an existing relationship within which to work. I feel this will prove a constructive forum in which the evolving expectations of our associations can be considered, and solutions explored to address potential problems as or before they arise.


Ms. Weir, Mr. Rayner, Mr. Maloney and I met with Minister Morgan last month and I asked him, among other things, if he knew of the recent trends in scrutiny and criticism of self-governing professional organizations. He did, of course, but said that he knew of and has no concerns about the SLSA. Similarly, our office has had no calls or letters or anything else that would suggest Saskatchewan citizens are questioning our integrity, neither as professionals nor as a self-regulating association.


Your council has already taken moves, as you know, to make sure we are doing our part, as an association, to regulate our profession and protect the public. Specifically, I refer to the practice review and unauthorized practice committees and want to thank the chairs and members of those committees for their past and forthcoming time and contributions.


December. The end of the year. Christmas. Shopping, food and family feuds. I hope your solstice season is merry and bright. Be safe and enjoy the time away from the demands of work.


Courtney Tripp