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Quarterly Newsletter of the Saskatchewan
Land Surveyors

President’s Message

Lee L.A. Andersen

SLS, P. Surv., P. Eng., ALS



President’s Message to the Membership


I would like to start by saying thank you to the membership for granting me the honor and privilege to serve as your president for the up coming year.  I have wanted to do this since I stepped down from council in 2010 but always found another excuse/reason to say not yet.  I am excited to travel to our sister associations and absorb as much information as I can.  I have no hidden agenda, I plan to continue dealing with the issues before council and deal with any new ones that arise during my term. 


I would like to say thank you to outgoing council members Steve Drew, Dan Codling, and Chris Kuntz; their insight and dedication to the association over the past years was truly an asset to our association.  I would also like to welcome our new council members, Akbar Karsan, Suresh Rajakumar, and Carlo Monette; I look forward to the new insights they all will bring to our council meetings.


I was happy with the turn out for our AGM at beautiful Elk Ridge. The meeting and events went well; good job Robert and committee.  I was a little disappointed that no new business or discussion during open forum occurred.  To our new members, the open forum is an opportunity to ask questions to council or members present or to voice your concerns to see if others have the same concerns.  I believe we missed an opportunity for open dialogue and I encourage everyone to come to our next AGM with some discussion points.


I have had the opportunity to attend 2 president’s forum meetings; one in Elk Ridge and one in Cavendish, PEI.  It is extremely interesting to listen to what some of the current issues are across Canada.  It appears that the ACLS and several provinces are taking the time to set up meet and greets with MP’s and MLA’s to increase exposure. 


My wife Candice and I had the opportunity to attend the AGM in PEI on June 22 & 23, 2017.  Wow what a beautiful place for a couple Saskatchewanians who have never been east of Winnipeg to visit.  Derek French was a great host and their new president is Tony Inman.  We lucked out and Lobster was still in season so we were treated to a fresh lobster and muscles meal Friday night.  Candice and I did manage to go to Cavendish Beach national park where we walked the beach and admired the red cliffs, sand dunes and miles of beach.

During the P.E.I. meeting there was a very interesting presentation on Climate change and the effect on the P.E.I. coast line.  The rate of erosion on some coastline is over 1m per year with the average coastal erosion rate of 28cm per year.  This fact along with the fact that over 37% of all properties on P.E.I are within 500m of the coast line has government agencies concerned and they are trying to implement development stipulations within these regions.  The presenter also noted that there are only a few areas where accretion is occurring.


I should have more to report in the fall edition with 3 AGM visits planned in September and October.